3 AM Epiphany.

Hey guys!
I had an epiphany late last night. This account is the proverbial desert with thumbleweed rolling around. It's stupid and I haven't kept up with it. SO, I decided to have a clean new start with an account that doesn't make me want to stab myself ( (rather than raising this from the dead).

I have to keep thing one for a couple communities that have closed membership, but won't use it for anything else.
Please add my new one: periwinklish 

See you there :)

Writer's Block: A show for all seasons

Which returning TV show are you most excited to see again? Which shows from last season are you going to miss? Are there any new shows that look promising?

SUPERNATURAL and MERLIN. Those are my top two 'OMG EXCITE' tv shows.
Other than that, I'm waiting for Glee and some shows that are starting again next year :/. Doctor Who (Spring!) and Greek (January!)
Also, glad America's Next Top Model is back to entertain me, as well as the 8th season of One Tree Hill, I kinda like watching that. Oh, and the Big Bang Theory, definitely

I'm also glad for the Vamire Diaries, Community and True Blood (tho that's in summer..). I haven't watched them, but I may start, so... There are also some tv shows I watched but stopped because I didn't have time... like House, Bones and Chuck. Glad they're back.

I'm not gonna miss any shows because none I watched have been cancelled.

As for new ones... Hellcats look entertaining, I guess? And I'm not sure where I stand with the remake thingy of Nikita, but I'll try it. What are some other new shows? I don't know... but I better not take on any more of them, my schedule's already pretty booked. Haha